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Live Shows

"On stage, we reinvent ourselves ad infinitum. Our horse takes us through all the worlds, all the stories, all the passions.  


To transmit an emotion, to vibrate on my horse launched at full speed, it is the most beautiful and intense thing that I have ever been given to experience and share.


Through a show, live this adventure with us!"



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"Aya, this is the treasure I dreamed of.

This is the magic you need in your life.

It's a secret on a map, revealed only to the bravest...

Aya is molten fire, chills, love! The answer to all the whys..."


Melanie VDA 


April 2023


Children's shows 

In 2023, we will alternate between big creations for adults and more magical shows for children! 

The shows for children have a shorter format and are accompanied by various activities: The perfect combo for a dream afternoon! 

They will take place on weekends during school holidays  :) 


Next dates:   May 2023


"He who looks outside dreams. 
he who looks within awakens."

                                    Carl Jung



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Creations on demand 

Wouldn't you be surprised to see a horse share a cocktail with you?

Create with us a tailor-made and unique service, in your image. Whether the repertoire leads to mutual aid, joy, dreams or sales, we are there!

Team Bulding, parade, evening, gala,... We adapt to your desires to reinvent the unexpected  and invite cavalry to your event!

The only limit being our imaginations (as well as, let's be real, physics. Although...)


They support us!

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Do you want to support the project? 

By ordering your wines on HelloWine, the site pays us 10% of the amount of your order.
It's a simple and effective way to put your stone to the building and to participate in the promotion of culture in Wallonia! 
We're counting on you <3 

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