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Performing arts training

Here, you will have the opportunity to learn the little secrets of equestrian art, to share our philosophy and to discover yourself on stage with your horse !  

Training in different disciplines

During these days, you will have the opportunity to learn thekeys  and the secrets of the following disciplines: 

La Garrocha 

Rennes on the belt
Work on foot 
Freedom on foot and mounted 
Theredesensitization (fire, veils, etc)


Your day consists of two sessions of your choice, with one of our horses or yours. 



Prices:   120€ / day  (150€ if it is with one  of our horses)

Dates:  New date in June

Registration request by email:  


Training in performance techniques

These days/evenings are intended to guide you in the staging of your act, from conception to the final result.

We offer you tailor-made support in learning: 
      Body expression
      Space and time management
      Managing your stress and that of your horse


Entre le 27/03 et le 06/04


1. Rental of the show track 1h30 only: 250€

2. Rental of the track with an accompaniment: 450€

3. Tailor-made support: Depending on the request


Registration request by email:  

With this concept, we put everything at your disposal to create a unique number. 

Track rental includes: 

1. A facility  very substantial sound and light show 
2.Deliveryengineer light. 

During 1h 

Support is on request to help you best with the issue of your choice. 

And for the third formula, together we build the ideal program to achieve your goals. 


To register or request more information, leave us your message in this form

Looking forward to meeting you! 

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