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"All problems have solutions, the only answer is evolution, why do you doubt?

Each forest was just a big bush, dreams give birth to revolutions, you have to listen to yourself

Understand there's no limit to your greatness, oy, evil is in bloom

Determined as Black Panther, of your own story, you are the holder"   
Lord Esperanza, Believe


You, my star
From canvases to veils you gave me wings

Eternity forever renewed

The taste of freedom is you who gave it to me, if it has a price I agree

to pay it again

What is more  beautiful than the sun on our skins 

In the sand or in the water


Horse show



"One day, a discovery

The night, fascination

Who are you, another me?

You fill my gaps, I flinch

I sing your name, the night the day since always

And in my world which is yours, your place grows day by day

Your voice guides me, nice light

When night falls, when you are silent

When suddenly you get your claws out

At the dawn of false starts, when I'm fed up,

It's too late

Your twilights my dragonfly

My lantern, my firefly my sweet madwoman

What will be the mood of the day, my love

One day a discovery

The night, fascination"

Summer night

Music box, magic forest, 
for you I dreamed all along the path
that it was enough to love, that one could fly dance sing twirl around!
And that to dream was to love you...
A dream, a midsummer night's dream
where to live was our freedom!
Free, find yourself

One night time...

of a mild summer night.


Aya is the treasure I dreamed of.
This is the magic you need in your life.
It's a secret on a map, revealed only to the bravest...
Aya is molten fire, chills, love! The answer to all the whys...


"Where our thoughts wander and get lost, where memory, dream, and imagination are one.


Follow the course of a mesmerizing asteroid with your eyes, and leave...
For a journey within.
Go into your memories and your desires as you go on a hunt for the stars.​


I walk through streets crowded with faces, no one is looking at each other.

A tik tak sets the pace.

Tik, Tak.

This uniform, gray mass. Like a life in black and white.

Today is soon tomorrow, and I'm walking

I don't know why, but you have to walk.

So I walk

I walk


Découvrez ici quelques images du spectacle "AYA" 






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