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Une équipe de passionnés

The Reda Creation team

It's the cliché moment, the cuddling moment, the "What would we do without each other!"

We have been a team united and united for many years around the same passions, the horse first, then the show. For us the horse is above all a member of the family, it is the couple that matters on a daily basis and not a horse-tool that would only be bought and sold on the basis of performance. This is what makes the unparalleled complicity visible during freedom, aerobatics or dressage numbers, for example. It is this family bond made of sharing and solidarity that unites us, that makes our eyes and those of the spectators sparkle.  


Thank you to these people who offer us their talent over the events! 

Lights    : David Detienne 
Vidéo     : IMAGO 
Textes    : Mélanie Lavande
Photos   :  Axel Tihon

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